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Tour the Studio

Tour the Studio

What a place to play…

A quiet space (where you can be as loud as you want) packed with all the tools of the trade, from an impressive selection of instruments to full-featured effects pedals, boards and recording software.

Have a look around –this is where the magic happens. This is the Guitar Studio.

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You’re going to grow musically. Wherever you are right now, trust me: this is just the beginning. You’ll (further) develop your own sound and feel as you go – and you can create any sound you can imagine, as long as you’ve got the tools (and teacher!) to help you grow..

Total musical immersion

Guitar Studio lives right in the heart of one of the best rehearsal facilities you’ll ever see: The JamStation.

Just off US75 in Plano Texas, The JamStation is a hub for musicians of all styles at all levels. Here, you’ll meet bands, producers, teachers, students, learners and experts alike – all here for one reason and one reason only: to make music.

To live music!

I snapped this space up the instant it became available, because seriously – if you’re a musician (or about to become one) anywhere in North Texas, this is the place to be.

It’s safe, clean, and 100% dedicated to music and musicians – just like Guitar Studio.

Located Inside The JamStation

See for yourself

Guitar Studio is the musically-rich environment you’ve been looking for.

I’ll prove it to you: come on in for a half price lesson to get a feel for it. Reserve your spot on our calendar, and don’t worry – we’re easy to find.

Oh, and get ready to rock – you’re gonna love it here.

Directions to the Guitar Studio

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