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Guitar Pro 6

Guitar Pro 6

Great News!

The Guitar Studio is now a Guitar Pro Academic Partner!

Guitar Pro Academic Partner

It’s Time to Rock!!

This allows the Students of Guitar Studio to purchase Guitar Pro at 50% off of the regular price!!

When you go to the Guitar Pro website and purchase Guitar Pro –

Make sure to enter the coupon code below when checking out.

[wlm_private_Weekly 60 Minute Lessons]

Guitar Pro Coupon Code

[/wlm_private_Weekly 60 Minute Lessons]

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3 Responses to Guitar Pro 6

  1. Toby says:

    There is no longer a Special pricing box in section 4. There is only the User ID and Key ID for upgrading. >:\

    • Yeah I noticed this last night myself. Haven’t found out what’s going on with it yet but I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something.

    • I just got word from Linda at Arobas Music. The discount code box will be back after July 2.

      Hello Gil,

      The special pricing code is not working for the moment because we offer 100 additional soundbanks and a guitar songbook for any purchase of Guitar Pro for the moment. The offer ends July 2. Your students will be able to use the 50% discount when the offer will be finished.

      Thank you,

      Arobas Music Team

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